Insomnia, Chronic Migraine, and Doctors Who Don’t Understand

puppy with ice pack on his head - migraine?

Migraine pain and symptoms affect 18% of women and 8% of men. According to the [UK] Department of Health (2005) eight million people get migraine making it the most prevalent long term neurological condition.

– The Migraine Trust


I am so sick of begging for more medication or help in general with my chronic migraine and insomnia. Doctors don’t listen. They don’t understand. Most of them are middle-aged men with no idea what a migraine or PMS (which triggers migraines) feels like or how debilitating it is. Living in darkness, confined to your bed, in constant pain and unable to do anything but exist is depressing and can lead to suicide – and yes, I’ve thought about it, it’s hard not to.


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