Planet Carnivore by Alex Renton

Planet Carnivore (Kindle Single) - Alex Renton

'But the fact remains that one of the reasons that 870 million people are hungry today is that 40% of the grain the world produces is being fed to animals raised for the richest to eat …[that same grain] could feed 3 billion humans.'

Planet Carnivore is a well-referenced and up-to-date extended essay from the UK newspaper The Guardian with a rather unique and compelling take on meat, global food security and food scandals (including Horsegate) that all meat eaters should read.


Instead of focusing on WHY we should eat organic, hormone-free and undiseased meat, Renton focuses on HOW we are to feed not only the world’s growing hunger for meat, but feeding the future billions of extra mouths resulting from the uncontrolled growth in human population. Whatever we do, sacrifices will have to be made.


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