The Uniformed Media Obsession with the Increased Use of Anti-depressants | 5 Mythbusting Facts

Daily Mail: As happy pill prescriptions top 50million, even GP admits: We hand out too many antidepressants


In the past few weeks I’ve seen article after article printed innewspapers shouting loud on the subject of anti-depressants. Doctors are over-prescribing them, they say. Doling them out like sweets to those that don’t need them, they claim.


Misleading statistics strike again.


Mythbuster #1: You don’t have to be depressed to take an anti-depressant. One drug can be used to treat more than one type of ailment. However, whatever it’s commonly used to treat, is what it becomes associated with. You say Prozac (Fluoxetine), we think anti-depressant. Did you know it’s also a treatment for bulimia and obsessive compulsive disorder?


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