New Logo, New Theme

Literary Ames logo


As I’m redecorating my home bit-by-bit, I thought I might as well redecorate the blog, too.


Ye Olde Logo and green theme background were too bright. I didn’t realise this fact as I use DimScreen on my laptop to prevent migraine. Shiny New Logo is less likely to blind unsuspecting readers.


Testing out themes wasn’t fun. I pretty much hated all of them. The ever popular “Twenty Thirteen” met most of my needs, though I now worry that the blog looks like everyone else’s now. (There are 1.6 million blogs using it.) As for logos, messing about creating a new one has been long and tedious, but I finally made one that wasn’t terrible.

So here it is.


Out with the old . . .


Goodbye, Reddle.


Literary Ames - old theme and logo

. . . in with the new.


Hello, Twenty Thirteen.


Literary Ames - new theme and logo



What do you think? Have I made a major mistake?