O Life, Simple Life #NationalPoetryDay



O life, simple life!
When does it end, if ever?
The corruption
The dishonour
And the squalor.


The inequalities:
The rich and the poor
The dominant and the subdued
The minority over the majority
The unfairness
The injustice
When does it end, if ever?


Will it end in death, sweet death!
Or will death lead to another hell like this one?
Will there ever be peace and an end to all suffering?
Or will that be when we exist no more?
We are self-destructive after all


Is our passion to blame?
Our innate anger
It gives us life … emotion.
Without emotion, we are drones with no purpose
But what sort of life do we live, in a place so negative and without compassion?


How do we survive?
By succumbing?
Or do we fight?
Do we choose or are we chosen?


So will it end in Armageddon?
Will there be peace in the end?
Or can we redeem ourselves?
But will it be too late?



*Written when I was 16/17 c. 2003.

Image: Zoriah/Flickr

Source: http://literaryames.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/o-life-simple-life-nationalpoetryday