Author Richard Brittain Pleads Guilty for Attacking Reviewer with Wine Bottle

Wild Rose Richard BrittainRemember last October, during the Katherine Hale controversy, when we heard about the reviewer who was whacked over the head with a wine bottle while working in supermarket Asda in Scotland by author Richard Brittain who’d travelled 500 miles to do so as revenge for a negative review?


Well, yesterday he pleaded guilty to assault and another charge of stalking another woman. Bail was refused and sentencing will take place at a later date.


All the UK national news organisations have reported on it:


  • Daily Mail: ‘I could have died’: Asda shelf-stacker, 18, tells how she was bottled by Countdown champion who travelled 500 miles to Scotland to attack her after she gave his book a bad review online
  • Daily Mirror: Teenager bottled by ex-Countdown champion for giving his book bad review: “I could have died”
  • BBC News: Author Richard Brittain attacked reviewer with bottle
  • Metro: Ex-Countdown champion bottled a woman who gave his book a bad review
  • Telegraph: Teenager bottled by ex-Countdown champion for giving his book bad review
  • Independent: Countdown champion Richard Brittain pleads guilty to tracking down and attacking teenage girl
  • Daily Record: Former Countdown champion hunts down Scots teenager and bottles her.. for giving his BOOK a bad review