Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks Series #7)

Bitten in Two - Jennifer Rardin Love of all kinds grabs every character by the balls and squeezes which didn't always end happily. Loss has always played a big part in this series but it's showcased in a new light in this one. I found Jaz's approach to not leaving Vayl even though he wasn't himself (he'd regressed to his 1777 self and viewed everyone close to him as characters from his past), possibly permanently so, very moving. Their love letters to each other were very emotional and not cheesy in the least. I appreciated her finally understanding the pain of Cole's unrequited love, there's nothing like experiencing something for yourself.I'm worried about Cole. He goes through hell. I'm figuring he's going to have trouble with PTSD and will probably have to work through some trust issues. Physically, I'm wondering what the after-effects of what happened to him will be. I hope we haven't seen the last of this adorable and jovial man.Bergman, another source of hilarity, exposes his secrets in a drug-filled haze and jeez, were they embarrassing. I'm so glad he was surrounded by friends, or rather family as I like to think of them, to help him get passed his issues.Now for a one-off character: Yousef -masochistic stalker. What do you do with a man who won't back off? Who grins when you hit him? Loved his advice about women: Let them beat you...but don't let them break you.Despite the many funny lines and emotional scenes it wasn't the easiest of reads. I did quite a bit of skimming because I simply didn't think I could finish the book without doing so. I'm not sure why.The Deadliest Bite is the last in the series and I hope it wraps everything up as there are quite a few loose threads and unanswered questions.2.5 stars.