Green-Eyed Demon - Jaye Wells Green Eyed Demon is a major improvement over its predecessor. I laughed, I cried, I sniggered at the dirty, filthy orgy. Yes, you read correctly.What made this so good other than Giguhl's rib-crackingly funny comments, was Sabina's growth. She's been through hell and is having to adapt quickly along the way. It's a rocky road. She makes mistakes. She gets knocked down but she always, always picks her wounded ass back up and lives to fight for another day. Her fierce determination in protecting those she loves gives her pause. She loves? When did that happen? She's a kick-ass emotionless assassin. Since when did she love anyone, or have anyone to love her? She questions her identity. She was an assassin but who and what is she now? All this leaves her vulnerable and confused. She does her best to cope but the pressures of her sister's kidnapping, her homicidal grandmother and her undefined relationship with Adam, get in the way. Speaking of Adam. The title refers to Sabina's jealousy regarding him and Giguhl. Her family. Hers. No one elses. They're there when she needs them: in battle, for advice and for a shoulder to cry on. The most useful advice comes from Giguhl (it's all that Oprah he watches) who tell her to seize the day because there may not be a tomorrow.Sabina has so much to accomplish that she's advised to make a To Do List which went:1. Perform voodoo ritual on evil owl.2. Find out who sold us out to the anachronistic Caste vampires.3. Make amends with lesbian werewolf.4. Rescue twin.5. Murder grandmother.Surreal, no?Anyway, this is fast-paced with lots of action, a little romance and tons of laughs. However, I can't give it 5 stars for one major reason which is difficult to explain without spoilers but I'll give it a shot. But you have been warned.There were two characters that were near death. One was healed with the help of 3 very powerful mages but the other, only one for an injury that I would assume given the magic rules, would be impossible to "heal". Plus, the circumstances in which they were injured meant that person should be dead. This didn't sit well with me which is why it's taken me so long to write a review. But I can also see it from the author's point of view. This character was important and needed to survive but wanted to keep the "everyone thinks they're dead" angst (which was excellent by the way. It produced a highly emotional action scene).I've never taken to Sabina's overly optimistic and wishy-washy sister so I was pleased she "suffered". I don't wish for her to be jaded, she just needs a bit more reality in her world view to make her more likeable.The excerpt from the next book was intriguing. 114 days without violence, huh? Sounds dull. Not for long, I bet!