Mr. Monster - Dan Wells Toys. This word has meant different things throughout my life. Children’s toys, technological gadgets, sex toys (hehe!) and now...let’s just say these toys were not inanimate. And they screamed.Rules. What are rules? There to be broken? Not if this is your mantra:I Am Not a Serial Killer is. I Dont Want to Kill You does.They became one person, John and Mr Monster. Controlling himself becomes almost impossible especially when Lauren brings her obnoxious and insulting boyfriend, Curt around and later turns up with a bruised face. In the words of the great Homer Simpson: Oh no. Don’t do it. I can’t look, I can’t look. Oh shit! That was my mantra whilst reading this. Sometimes it lead to relief and others...(s)ick, (s)ick, (s)ick! Pyromania is much preferable (when no one gets hurt) over the torturing and killing of animals.Curt deserved to die. What he did and what resulted from it –OMG. I was disgusted, appalled, sickened. Rot. In. Jail.John’s stabbing fantasies featuring Brooke seemed Freudian. You know, instead of stabbing her with a knife he’d, piercing her with... erm, his body but he wouldn’t allow himself to look at her breasts so I’m wondering if downstairs worked or received any attention. Come on, he is a healthy teenager! He did make a connection with Brooke though, one that didn’t involve pain and fear even though it wasn’t as strong as those. He enjoyed their dates so I was hoping for a little more between them before what happened, happened and denial got in the way. I would've been interested in seeing how their relationship progressed. John’s obsession over the new murder victims and his need to be involved in the investigation felt repetitive and I wondered how he didn’t see that what he was doing was another classic serial killer mistake –getting too close to the cops. It was a touch predictable but seeing what John could be like in the future was an eye-opener. Demon Serial Killer #2 had no emotions but was an empath, meaning he could feel others’. Clearly this demon was insane. Who collects and tortures toys women to feel their pain and fear? Why would you want to feel negative emotions? I understood his desire for a range of emotions though -everyone likes a little variety. I felt for his prey. I was glad John got to experience what it was to be a victim. When he was faced with a situation where he could maim and kill without repercussions I was worried. He’s a killer of killers, and that's how it should remain. His decision means he’ll be getting his hunt on in a Supernatural-Dexter-X-Files kind of way.Demons beware:“I’m the demonslayer. Come and get me.”3.5 stars.