Tempting the Enemy (Resurrection, #1) - Dee Tenorio I was strongly reminded of the Psy/Changeling series, one of my favourites, by Nalini Singh especially the first book Slave to Sensation, when reading Tempting the Enemy. The Sibile are comparable to the Psy, they believe themselves to be the superior race with incredible psychic abilities and look down on humans and shifters who in this have been hunted by humans almost to extinction. At the beginning I was worried this was going to be love at first sight, or in this case scent but I was wrong. It's lust at first sight mostly due to Jade going into heat in Pale's presence but luckily for her he was a gentlemen and could control his urges around her unlike others who wouldn't hesitate to rape her, but it turns into a slow seduction instead as Pale and Jade work together to catch a savage and elusive serial killer. I really enjoyed this and I'm hungry for more. I want to follow the new pack's progress and watch the forthcoming attack and subsequent human war on the Sebile, I only hope Jalla and Sage survive that conflict. Sequel please? Pretty please?