LonCon3 #19: Where is the YA (and adult) humour?

Panellists: Gail CarrigerSuzanne McLeodFrances Hardinge,Jack CampbellJody Lynn Nye

Much of what we see in the YA shelves is dour, grimy and deadly. Why is that? Where can we find the lighter side of young adult fiction? Which authors should we look to for a satisfying happy ending or a good belly laugh?


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So grim. Much serious. Wow. {adult humour}
Panellists: Ellen KlagesTanya HuffMur LaffertyDarren Nash,Connie WillisSimon R Green

Science fiction and fantasy have a long history of both comic writing and essentially light-hearted adventures. However, more and more it seems authors want to take themselves seriously, focusing more on the darker elements of story telling. Is genre too po-faced outside the work of certain specifically ‘comedy’ writers? Why do so many writers steer clear of trying to be funny?

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