LonCon3 #20: YA on the Big Screen

Panellists: Carrie VaughnAmy H. SturgisMartin LewisThea James (The Book Smugglers), Erin M. Underwood

The YA publishing boom has been accompanied by a boom in film adaptations, but while some have seen commercial success others have stalled. What does it take to transition from book to film? Are there any special considerations when working with a young adult story? Modern YA is a genre with distinctive tropes — how are these being transferred to the screen? How is “classic” YA adapted in that context? Is this to the original story’s benefit or detriment? Which YA books have successfully made the transition–for good or ill? What stories would make great films, but haven’t yet been done?

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Source: http://literaryames.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/loncon3-20-ya-on-the-big-screen